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Diabetes Prevention Program

Now Covered by Medicare

“Dances with Foods” provides preventive care services – covered 100% by most health plans

Do you experience or are you taking medications for any of the following conditions?

  • Pre-Diabetes
  • Overweight (BMI > 30)
  • Chronic Tiredness
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol

If yes, then call us today to learn if you qualify!

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Doctors in the United States and Côte D’Ivoire (West Africa) love “Dances with Foods” game changing results. Here is why.

John, sixty nine (69) year old male living in the USA, is a current participant in ARIVALE study, (www.arivale.com), a scientific medicine research study and joined Dances with Foods in July 2017. After a couple of months onDances With Foods Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle (WFPBL) program, he lost his first 20 pounds, his primary care provider took him off of his blood pressure and cholesterol medications, pills he had religiously taken for the past thirty years. After five months with Dances With Foods WFPBL, his follow up lab results showed an improvement in nineteen (19) of his biomarkers for inflammation. Along that good news, the scale read a drop in his weight of thirty (40) pounds. He has increased energy and vitality.

Fatou, a female in her fifties living in Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire wrote:”Coach, my cardiologist wants your number because she would like to refer other patients to you if you are still taking customers”

What works best for you?


Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP)

An affordable, lifestyle enrichment program designed to reduce disease risk factors through the adoption of better health habits and appropriate lifestyle modifications

A 90 minute class twice a week for 3 months.

Diabetes Prevention Program

Classes are 60 minutes once a week for 6 months. Then once a month for 6 more months.

1 on 1 Coaching

Centered on Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle

90 minutes initial consultation in person or on skype or Whatsapp. 30-45 min follow up every week on phone

We make it easy to get started

Step 1

Decide which class works for you.


Step 2

Get a referral from your doctor.

Click Here to Download.

Step 3

We contact your health plan and let you know if you are covered

Step 4

You see a dietitian if your insurance covers it before the class starts to set your health goals.

There is a good news and a doctor at Kaiser Permanente said it best: “As I see skyrocketing incidences of conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, I am profoundly aware that there is so much potential for preventing or even reversing most of these problems through very inexpensive lifestyle changes centered on proper nutrition.” — Carmelo Mejia, MD, Internal Medicine, Kaiser Permanente

The proper nutrition here referred to a Whole Foods Plant-Based nutrition. Dances With Foods” makes it a mission, its mission to bring this good news to everybody in the US and in Africa. “Dances With Foods” empowers people and tell them that each one of them can successfully prevent and even reverse the diseases of affluence that are crippling America and the rest of the world.

Doctors, nutritionists, athletes, philosophers, artists, etc… have said it in the past and are still saying it:

Women: want to lose weight, keep it off, be healthy and Eat TASTY foods?

We offer customized Coaching. We make it about you and will be by your side. Your success is our number one priority. Do not hesitate, contact us today!

Men: want to feel great and powerful?

One surprising early sign of life-threatening heart problems is erectile dysfunction. A new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that screening men with ED for heart disease could help prevent a million heart attacks or strokes over the next 20 years and save billions of dollars. But why let it escalate that far? Vegetables—not Viagra are the best way to prevent not only ED, but the heart disease it’s linked to. Dr. Neal Barnard, www.pcrm.org/nbBlog/index.php/diet-away-erectile-dysfunction.

Are your employees your # 1 Assets? Let’s facilitate a CHIP and the Diabetes Prevention Program for them.

At Dances With Foods we will offer classes for your employees and share with them the benefits of a whole Food Plant-Based lifestyle to manage and even reverse their chronic diseases.